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      Hello!Welcome to Puyang Amwaydo Chemical Co., ltd. Web:www.alidba.net

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      • Contact person:LiuManager
      • Phone:18903932005
      • Q Q: 1175598777 /3067704531
      • Tel:86-393-8166658
      • Fax:86-393-8166656
      • E-mail:amwaydochem@vip.163.com
      • Web:www.alidba.net
      • Add:Beijing opened on behalf of Puyang City Road and Renmin Road intersection north 10 meters Road East


      Tenet: create good products to respond the society
      Spirit: exploitation, progress, striving and dedication
      Business philosophy: First person, after doing; honesty, mutual benefit, and sustainable development.
      Management idea: Skilled in subtle stressing human-orientation, sincere to customer, carefullycalculated on cost, strives for perfection on quality.
      Quality concept : Quality is life, quality matters more than mountain tai.
      Service concept : Service endless, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursue.
      Team concept : Hand in hand, unite as one, conscientious.
      Enterprising spirit : Breakthrough innovation, the pursuit of excellence, go forward.
      Social responsibility : Ever conceived of gratitude, sincerely social returns.